What Do You Think?

What do you think are the top three spiritual priorities of your life? I would really like to know what and where you are in your journey.  What is it that God has taught or is teaching you?  I know that most people have some spiritual priorities.

These spiritual priorities are the things that get your attention when nothing else does. What are yours?  I am going to use this question to try and have a little running dialogue blog, so I will be sharing a little more about my top three as I respond to your comments.  I am not sure that there is a right or wrong answer here – it all kinda depends on where God has you and what God is teaching you, so don’t be afraid to share honestly!

By the way my top three right now as of this moment are: 1.) Quiet Time – which consist of prayer and Scripture meditation, application and journaling.  2.) Study through reading and listening to other teachers/preachers!  3.) Discipleship – sharing what I know with others to try and facilitate growth in their personal relationship with Christ.  I have a few others that are on my radar screen and may be coming into the top three – they are Scripture memory, personal witness and more focused discipleship!

Please help me out with this one – what are your top three spiritual priorities and why?