Raise Your Standards!

We need to raise our standards! This is a thought that I have been wrestling with for the past couple of weeks and I am not so sure that we can raise what we don’t have.  I think that somewhere along the path of living life that a lot of us have forgotten about, thrown out or just left somewhere on the side of the road – our standards.  Standards that were passed on to us half-hearted by our parents are standards that will not even exists in our children’s lives.  Now I am not talking about rules and regulations that are set up by man to make him feel better about himself.  I am talking about living life by a better plan and for a higher purpose than just checking off another day.

Take a moment to think about your life! Are you where you want to be?  Are you where God created and gifted you to be?  Are you doing what you enjoy and the things that bring fulfillment to your spirit?  Are you doing the things that God created and gifted you to do?  Now whichever way you answer these questions – now answer this one:  Is there any room for improvement? Can you do it better?  How can you raise your standards so that God gets more glory and you get more blessing?

Answer this question with whatever change is needed in you life and daily living and you will be amazed at the difference that it will make almost immediately! Start working to raise your standards at home, work and everywhere that life may take you.  Remember:  God has given you this life as a gift and what you do with this life is your gift back to Him.  Give Him your very best!  G3!  (GIVE GOD GLORY!)