Good Or Evil?

I am pretty active with the use of Twitter, Facebook and There are a lot of people that are critical of the internet and there are a lot of things about the internet that can be dangerous, but there are also a lot of things that can be good!

Let’s start with Twitter! Twitter allows the people that use it to share a message about what they are up to or thinking in 140 characters or less.  You get to select who you will follow and anyone that wants to – can make the choice to follow you.  I am following a lot of different ministers, some church members and a handful of professional people.  And I am being followed by a small assortment of different people.  I can use my phone to get a quick glance at what is going on in people’s days or I can use my computer to catch up on what everyone is up to.   Many times it will give me a thought that opens up all kinds of doors for the Holy Spirit to speak and minister into my life.  The other neat thing about Twitter is that if you don’t have the internet on your phone you can have updates sent from the people that you are interested in sent via text messaging!  Everything is out in the open for everyone to see, so this is a pretty safe way of sharing who you are and what you are up to.

Let’s Look At Facebook! My Twitter updates my Facebook and is also posted on my blog page!  Facebook allows you to connect with family and friends and have an ongoing and without end conversation.  Once you start Facebook you begin to find and be found by friends and once you are accepted or accept a person as a friend, you can see their post about what they are up to and they can see your post about what you are up to.  I have found it to be very useful for facilitating conversations and for sharing information about life and needs that we might have that we would like for others to lift up in prayer!

My blog page – is a place for me to expound on some of the things that God is teaching me. I try to write articles that will encourage and motivate people to live as Christ Followers!  I have people that follow me on Twitter, are my friend on Facebook and take the time to read my blog from all around the world.  It is amazing how all of these gifts allow us to remove time and space and have almost immediate contact and connection.

People can and will use these things for evil, but you and I can make the choice to use these things for good! I encourage you to check out Twitter, Facebook and – and figure out how God can use them to bless you and allow you to use them to bless others!

3 thoughts on “Good Or Evil?”

  1. Yes this is very Good,and as You said about People will use these things for evil…And [I have been there].But I am so Glad and Blessed that,I could see Past those evil doors or the one for God..And I have asked God for Forgiveness and He has Forgivin me..But The Technology we have,We are so Very Blessed that we can do these things,Good Things etc..Thank You Preach for helping me think once again..To Be Thankful..It’s Beautiful..But Misuse something or anything and it can be taken from You very Quickly.So We can Be Responsible and Put Our Lord and Savior 1st and Great Possibilities and other things can be Endless…

  2. You know, I resisted facebook for a while but now I am a bona fide addict! Balance hasn’t been reached for me yet, but I’m working on it.
    Sometimes the Holy Spirit will lay something on my heart and it’s a fantastic tool for sharing and maybe minister to someone else. And, sometimes, just silly stuff that strikes me funny…my kids tell me I’m lame when I post just what comes to mind and makes me laugh, but I love it!!! I’ve actually had people tell me how great it is to “get to know me” through facebook which I find very cool.
    I am actually VERY shy and introverted but facebook helps me say things I may not feel comfortable saying face to face.
    I think all things can be used for good or evil. On facebook, you choose whether or not to edify or teardown. It’s my tool for building up AND being silly! =)

  3. Good and evil, man-kind picking which way to go is how it’s always been. I’m sure just about all of Northwood knows about our Erin’s last 14 months and what she’s been through. We weren’t able to call or talk with everyone that was interested in her progress, way too many people. Getting information to as many as we could was made a great deal simpler because of the internet. In the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of reconnecting with some old class mates I haven’t talk to in 30 years. Again this came about because of the internet and Facebook. A great example is a guy David Harrison and I “ran with” we haven’t talked to in 30 years. He reconnected with me and David through Facebook and had some remarkable stuff to share with us. The past few years he was in the mission fields of China. Because Christianity is illegal there he was arrested and put into prison three different times there. He was beaten while in prison and then kicked out of the country three different times. Due to the beatings, he ended up with many broken and shattered bones as well as many debilitating injuries. There is a whole lot more to tell but the point is I’m not sure how he could have found me any easier. I shared with he and his wife about our Erin’s journey and he replied back to me that he and his wife cried like babies when he read my writing. I was very touched that someone who is doing battle on the front lines against Satan was so moved by something that happened in my life. We can never know all of the different ways God uses our lives or by what means He decides to tell others. I know without a doubt so many more people know about Erin’s testimony than could have without the internet. I’ve reconnected with so many old class mates than I could have without Facebook. Good and evil, it’s always going to be our individual choice at the time it’s in front of us. I truly believe that God allows everything to happen if not directly making it happen. Who is to say God didn’t put the whole internet thing in someone’s mind from the beginning just to serve the increasing need for us to communicate about Christ? I say kick the Devil in the gut, glory to God and pile on the blessings because it’s suppose to be all about God anyway, right?

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