What Would You Do?

Money, Money, Money, Money!
Money, Money, Money, Money!

What would you do if someone walked up and handed you an envelope with $1000.00 in cash? This has not happened to me or to anyone that I know of, but I had the thought this morning and thought that it would be a cool thing to think about.

Now think about it and be really honest. Don’t try to be spiritual just because you are reading a pastor’s blog.  Really think about it and try to figure out what you would do.  I do not know what the right or wrong answer is!  I think that the right answer for every person is probably different – depending on where God has you and where you have yourself.

I know that if I am being very honest – what I should do and what I would actually do are probably two very different things. And this got me to thinking about how much more work I need to do to make sure that my life is lining up with God’s will!  I hope it helps you to think about it and I encourage you to post your thoughts to help us all think through it!

5 thoughts on “What Would You Do?”

  1. Anytime we get extra money, we truly always tithe and above the tithe. The rest I would consider a gift and just enjoy spending as I was impressed. Probably on my Grans!

  2. I would have to say I would put it towards a purchase of a car. I believe it would be an answer to my prayers. Since I dont have a car it really gets hard to ask or depend on other people to take you and to kids to the grocery store or any other running around I have to do. I am thankful to all that have helped me out and continue to help. Please keep me and the family in prayer. Thank You and GOD BLESS.

  3. It’s not really hard to figure out if you after God’s heart. In the last year or so we’ve been where we didn’t know how bill’s were going to be paid, God has always provided. I know a lot of others who can say the same. In the past when we received unexpected money we always knew what to do with it before we got it. Some times it was to give it all to someone who needed it more than us. There has been, and more than likely will always be, a need to help those who can’t help themselves, on our own doing, through others or through the church. We’ve found when God has provided us (me & my family) with the means His always provided the need. I’m sure its different for everyone, this is only what we’ve been through.

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