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ImageI love getting to serve my Creator with my life everyday through the ministry of Grace Place.  While I love Grace Place and what we get to do there, the most valuable lesson that I have learned is that I don’t have to have a place or a position to do what I have been called to do.  The Spirit is teaching me that I can do what I have been called, gifted and equipped to do for His glory in pretty much any place and at anytime.

The key to living in this sweet spot is really pretty simple:  “LIVE IN RELATIONSHIP!”  I have been in relationship with God for a long time, and it has always been a beautiful and very meaningful thing, but in the last year, God has allowed me to travel to a new place of understanding and growth.  What used to be times with the Spirit has become time with the Spirit.  Instead of having little moments here and there, it seems more like one gigantic moment that never ends.  I never know what He is going to surprise me with next!

I learn something new almost everyday and on most days, I can chalk up most of the day as a learning experience.  While I still have to fight the battle against, activity, noise and distraction, I realize more and more fully the value of the time I have been given, the resources I have been blessed with and the amazing gifts of love, grace, mercy, peace and hope!

A few years ago, I told a friend to not pay any attention to the crowd, but to remember that her life is a performance for “an audience of one!”  And while this is very good and proper advice, I will promise you that it is a lot easier said than done, but that does not mean that we should throw in the towel and not even try, because it is in the trying that the lessons are learned and the battles are won.

The fact that you are here is evidence that you are loved.  God created you and allows you as a spiritual being to live this human experience, so that you can learn, grow and develop for the blessing of others and the glory of Himself.  I want to challenge you to stop enduring life and start enjoying it, every part!  Thanks for reading my posts and I hope they encourage you to live blessed, because it is what you were created for!


The Place Of Contentment!

We tend to focus our energy on outward pleasure and the satisfaction of our senses at the expense of vision and the inner work of our lives.  The sad reality is that this produces a life of illusions, where appearances leave us empty and wanting more.  The wise writer of Ecclesiastes teaches us that “Everything comes and goes, there is nothing new under the sun.”  

The material world can only bring temporary satisfaction, because the stuff of the temporary world is – temporary.  When all we see, taste, touch, hear and smell is of the material world, we limit ourselves to only what exists in this world and cause ourselves to miss out on the vast blessings that exist in the spiritual world.  We often so focus on the creation, that we fail to know and appreciate the Creator.

The biggest problem with our trying to satisfy our senses is that our focus becomes the chase and attainment of that which is limited and temporary.  We get locked into a game of continuously striving, because there never seems to be enough.  We all know what it is like to live in this place of craziness, but most of us, are not willing to do life differently.  We keep doing the same things, making the same mistakes and expecting different or better results and that is just plain insane!  
Peace and inner satisfaction come from within.  Jesus teaches us to be in the world, but not of the world.  My satisfaction does not come from this world, because this is not my home, I am simply a spiritual being passing through a human experience.  When we learn to live life from the inside, then there is not much that is required from the outside for our happiness and peace,
We need to learn to look and see beyond the here and now.  We know that a flower is much more than just a flower.  It is even more than what our senses tell us it is.  It is more than color, taste, feel, smell and sound.  It is creation unfolding in a different way, unique and beautiful.  Evidence of something greater, someone with a greater plan.  It is in front of you for you to enjoy and be blessed by and when it ceases to be, there will be something else, but you don’t have to go out and find it, because it will find you.
Learn to relax.  Enjoy the gift of this moment.  Instead of being consumed by a focus on the search for what you can find outside of yourself, instead take some time to journey inward and discover awe, wonder, excitement and appreciation for the things that make your senses alive to appreciate and enjoy the gifts of the outside, physical, material world.
Allow life to flow in the natural order of “come and go” and avoid getting caught up in the tyranny of the urgent.  This moment is a seed, plant it, cultivate it, observe it from the inside out and you will enjoy it’s growth for ages to come.  You are a seed, your Creator has planted you, is cultivating you, observing you from the inside out and enjoying your growth.  When you get that you are created in the image of the Creator, then you will discover a power that allows you to live from the inside out and this is a big part of what it means to live blessed.

In Between Living!

We are physical and spiritual, spiritual beings living in a human physique.  When you stop and think about it, this is the source of both blessing and challenge.  Blessing in that we are spiritual, made in the image of our Creator and eternal in nature.  Challenging in that we who are unlimited allow ourselves to be limited by our physical frames and it’s limitations that present themselves through agings aches and pains.

     A big part of our problem is we see our self as physical over the spiritual.  We separate the two, when they should remain as one.  Our origin cannot be split and while it is hard to understand, it is possible for us to be in this world, but not of it. 

     Every person that you see is a reflection of a little bit of you.  We tend to judge others and the reason is because we are seeing what is best about us or what is worst about us, when we are looking at someone else.  Rather than seeing others as different, we should start to view them as an extension of ourselves.  The sharing of this oneness allows us to see things that we ordinarily would not see and hear things that we would most likely miss.
     It has become a part of our instinct to judge others, often without even really thinking about it.  Everything in our society works to shape us into this kind of ego centered person.  When you are tempted to separate yourself, stop and put yourself in the other person’s shoes, walk a mile or two and try to see life from their perspective.  You will be amazed at how this will begin to change who you are, by allowing you to live in the midst the physical and the spiritual, instead of in one or the other.
     This is not easy, but will become more natural as you practice it.  And as you practice this discipline, you will discover that you are getting dialed into the things of the Spirit, which makes your physical life much more enjoyable.  This is just a small step in helping you to live the life that you were created for, so I hope you will take the time to give it a try and I hope that as you do – you will live blessed!