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My Word For The Year!

A few years ago, I started thinking about a word that helped to represent my goals for the new year. Last year, I decided to put a little more focus into selecting my one word and letting it motivate and encourage my goals, rather than allowing the goals to motivate my one word. It was a pretty amazing year and the concept seemed to stick with me and encourage me in some very positive ways all throughout the year.

My word last year was SATISFIED. I first got the idea for the word from Psalm 23 – “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want…” I reasoned that if I don’t want, then I must be satisfied and this simple idea which I latched onto, became the driving force that helped me to shift my focus onto the things that were working and off of the things that weren’t working. This simple shift allowed me to empower the positive and weed out the negative that so often tended to distract and discourage. It was a very amazing year, filled with blessing and amazing opportunity.

I had planned on having my one word for 2020 picked out before the year began, but for a variety of reasons, I was just not ever able to focus in on it and figure it out. I didn’t give up, I didn’t freak out about it, I just kept the task on my list and knew that when the time was right, it would come to me. Today was the day and I now have my new word for 2020.

My word for the year is TRIUMPH, which carries with it the idea of victory, achievement, success, conquest, winning, growing, developing and becoming. It is what we were created for and is the ultimate fulfillment that we are all destined to experience.

My Scripture for the year comes from 2 Corinthians 2:14 – it says: ‘But thanks be to God, who always leads us in TRIUMPH in Christ, and manifest through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place.”

My idea with this word is the encouragement to follow through, complete the things that the Spirit has laid out for me and expereince the fulfillment of accomplishment that comes with being in step with my created purpose.

I really want to encourage you to think about and discover your one word for the year. You can go to http://myoneword.org/ and it will help guide you through a simple process and give you a lot of good ideas for choosing yours… If you already have one or happen to figure your one word out, please feel free to share with me, I would love to hear it…


Learning Something New!

It is hard to learn something new, when you think you already know everything.  We hear and learn exactly what we want based on our very own values, beliefs, prejudices and personal history.  We wonder why we never grow and why we seem to be our own worst enemy?  A teachable spirit is an open invitation to a changed life.  A changed life is a growing life and and growing life gives glory to the Creator as it shares blessings with all around.  You Creator wants you to be happy and healthy, but allows you to make choices for yourself.  Life is about learning to make the right choices.

Do you really want to walk closer to your Creator?  Do you long to walk close, so that you may hear His chuckles and sighs.  Do you want to learn to see and experience the newness of life that only He can bring.  Do you know that you must let go of your old tired ways?   Do you know this is so hard to do, but not impossible?  To know His will, you must know Him, to know Him, you must let go of some things, so that you can grab hold of others.

We must learn to seek His face with an open heart and clear mind, knowing and trusting that as we journey forward with Him that He will bring about the transformation of our lives by the renewing of our minds.  The work that we need to have done in our lives, is not a work that we do, it is a work that we invite Him to do, by doing the work of faith that invites Him to come in and do His thing.

I challenge you to step away from the distractions and become totally focused on your Creator and the stuff of His creation.  He wants you to understand Him and as you seek to  understand Him and His ways, you will live according to the path that He has marked out for you.

Embrace Him and His will and be satisfied with nothing else and you will live blessed!

10 Questions!

Life Is Amazing! Many years ago, when I was a teenager, I read a book by Leo Buscagalia called “Living, Loving & Learning!”  I then had the opportunity via PBS to hear him lecture on a number of different occasions.  A few weeks ago, I came across a hardback copy of “Loving Each Other!” and it took me back to those magical days, when I made some great strides in my spiritual journey.

Intersections! I grew up in Church and had been taught the Scriptures from a very early age.  I knew the teachings of Jesus and they had challenged and changed my life.  When I heard Leo Buscaglia, his teaching helped me to take what I had been taught and exercise it in the daily living of my life.  He helped me to put feet to my faith!

The Amazing Gift Of Love! This amazing love that has been given to me as a gift is something that I get to share and in its sharing, love becomes so much more powerful and meaningful!  Below are a few questions that Dr. Buscaglia challenges us to think about.  These are not his exact questions, but my adaptation of some of the encouragement and challenge that I have received from his teaching and writing. I would encourage you to ask yourself these questions every day as you embark on this journey called life!   I hope you enjoy and learn to love and be loved!

1.) Did I share happiness or did I steal happiness with my actions and reactions?

2.) How did I express love and show kindness?

3.) Am I looking for what is right or for what is wrong in others?

4.) Do I laugh and help others to laugh?  (Is joy a by-product of my life?)

5.) What have I done today to build and make stronger my relationships?

6.) Have I worried over the trivial or celebrated the triumphant?

7.) Have I accepted forgiveness and given forgiveness?

8.) Have I learned something new and have I taught something new to others?

9.) Do I know and believe that life (mine and yours) matters?

10.) Will I let this make me better or bitter?