A Couple Of Great Life Goals!

Got A Goal?

Do you ever get caught up in your judgments?  This morning as I was taking some time to meditate, my Spirit allowed me to experience this continuous thought again and again:  “My judgments are based on my perception of opposites, which is generated by my human mind and physical living.”  This way of thinking causes me to live a very disjointed and often bumpy life.

The goal is to live without judgment in the unity of oneness.  To grow in and with those around me, not by judging each other, but by loving acceptance of one another.  Allowing the love to accomplish what our judgments cannot.  Jesus taught us in John 13:34-35 by saying:  “34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Life is not about me being right and every one else being wrong.  This way of living is a very lonely way to exist.  Life is about living in unity, connected spiritually, physically and mentally.  Growing and becoming more aware of the blessing of our spiritual self, while becoming less and less distracted by our physical self.

What Is Your Goal?  We love to set goals for ourselves, but the truth is many of the goals that we set for ourselves actually hold us back, rather than propel us forward.  If we want to learn to live a life in the power and creativity of our spiritual self, then we have to be able to step out of and away from our limiting physical self.  Here are a few goals to help us in this journey:

Goal #1 – Live The Unified Life!  We have a propensity to compartmentalize everything in our living as good or bad, right or wrong, beautiful or ugly.  This compartmentalization requires us to make judgments.  These judgments are a game played by our minds which are being dictated to by the physical.

The reality of spiritual living is this:  “Criticism is not necessary!”  If we really want to live in peace, then we must understand that it will not come because we create it.  God our Creator is the giver of peace.  It is not something we create, it is something that we allow.  We can make the choice to be at peace with what we see.  The power to make this choice flows from our understanding that there is a much bigger picture that we cannot see – A picture of which we are a part!

I have noticed in my own life that I am often bound and weighted down by my own thoughts and judgments.  Thoughts and judgments that I have allowed others to press  in upon me.  Thoughts and judgments based in my physical understanding of things.  This is not who I was created to be!

I was created as a spiritual being.  I was created in the image of my Creator.  I was created by God for eternal relationship.  My Spirit tells me to “Just be you – the you, you were created to be by your Creator.”  This is where and how peace is allowed to flow and grow.  Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by the sights and sounds of the human/physical experience, instead make sure that you enjoy and learn from it, because it is a special gift from God to you and me.

Live in unity with your Creator and who He has created you to be and you will experience peace, regardless of the situations and circumstances of the physical life which surrounds you.

Goal #2 – Try Less And Accomplish More!  You cannot do everything and you cannot be everything, so stop trying.  Instead focus on doing what you were created to do and find your fulfillment in that.  Be who you were created to be and learn the joy of “effortless action!”  Life will happen and it does not matter what your plans are.

We often get so concerned with the outcome, that we don’t enjoy the process and the process is a big part of what our physical life was created for.  We need to enjoy the process and when we do, the outcome takes care of itself.

This may seem really simple, but we need to learn to just enjoy being!  I’ve got some good news for you!  You do not have to explain yourself.  You do not have to defend where you are coming from.  Peace and joy are a reality for those who have learned to walk though life with their hands down by their side.

Put your hands down as you learn to enjoy whatever life brings your way or as life decides to take you in the direction of something or someone else.  Don’t be so worried about right or wrong.  Trust that your Spirit will take care of them as your Spirit takes care of you.

What you have right now is right now!  Live in what is and you will discover freedom that unlocks the door for amazing and incredible things to flow into and through your Spirit!