The Miracle Of Love!

They Are All Around Us!

I hear a lot of people talk about love.  It sometimes bothers me to hear how carelessly we throw this word around.  When I actually stop and take the time to contemplate love, I cannot help but realize that it truly is one of, if not the most amazing of all miracles.

And speaking of miracles, there is another great and often missed blessing.  Everyday we are surrounded by miracles.  In fact, I think that miracles are one of the greatest expressions of love that flow from our Creator and into our living.

We cannot begin to understand God, but we can take the time to appreciate Him and all that He does for us.  We can stop taking so much for granted.  Everyday He expresses His love to us with and through miracles.

When you begin to notice some of the miracles that you are blessed with everyday, you will soon discover that it is His love that inspires these blessings.  To put it simply:  You were created by God in His image.  You are a spiritual being made in the image of God.  As His spiritual creation, you get to live in the flesh and grow in/through the human (physical) experience.

This life that you are living is a miracle.  A miracle that has been given to you by your Creator.  If you will learn to listen, then you can hear His voice and it will guide you in a very specific way into the best way to live and grow in this human/physical experience.

The human/physical experience is limited to your life time here on this earth in this body.  At some point the human body wears out and that is the end of this experience, but not the end of you, because you are a spiritual being and your spirit does not die.

These are some wonderful and beautiful thoughts and these thoughts are miracles, more expressions of our Creator’s love for us.  Make some time to see some of the miracles around you and make sure that you appreciate our Creator’s love.