Life Worth The Living!

Live Your Life!

Some people endure life and some people live life.  I hope that you are living life, but more important than living life is making sure you are living the right life.  A lot of people live life, but not the life they were created and gifted to live.  The problem with not living the life you were created to live, is you miss some amazing things and other people miss some amazing things that could and should flow to and through you.

What life are you living?  The reality for each and every human being is this:  There is room for improvement and growth in your life!  You and I need to be honest with ourselves and with one another about this reality.  In what areas of your life do you need to improve and how do you need to grow?  It is different for everybody.

Take some time to get into some still quietness and really think about this.  Think about your life and how you can live it better.  Think about what you were uniquely created for.  Think about what you need to do that only you can do.  Think about some of the issues that you need to take on and take out.  Make this personal and stop dragging everything and everybody else into it.

You are alive and you are alive to live.  You are alive to live the life that only you can live.  Live this life for Your Creator’s glory and for man’s blessing and you will discover that life is worth the living!