Attitude Is Something!

It's A Choice!

I listen to a fair amount of speaking and preaching to help encourage and grow me to try to keep my mind focused in the right direction.  One of the things that almost every speaker that I have heard talks about is ATTITUDE!

I have heard, read and even said many times that “Attitude Is Everything!”  I don’t really believe that!  I don’t believe it is everything, but I do believe that it is a very big something!  A wrong attitude will mess everything up, while the right attitude will help everything to be better.

One of the biggest battles I have faced and continue to face in my life is keeping my attitude right!  John Maxwell says:  “Attitude isn’t everything, but it is the one thing that can make a difference in your life.”  We need to think about our attitude.  We need to work on our attitude.  We need to make our attitude better.

You have a choice and you have the power to decide and make a difference for you!  You can have a good attitude or a bad attitude.  You can have a positive attitude or a negative attitude.  You get to decide for you!  It does not matter what anyone else does to you or says about you.  You and you alone control your attitude.

Attitude can make or break you.  Living with a positive and right attitude can make all of the difference in your life, while living with a bad attitude can keep you from experiencing amazing blessing.  Take a moment today to do an “attitude check”!  How is your attitude and what can you do to make it better?  Really take some time to think about this.  Be honest with yourself and do what you need to do to get a better and more positive attitude – you will be glad you did!