I’m Not God!

I'm Not God!

None of us would ever admit to thinking that we are God, but a lot of us like to put ourselves in the position to play God!  The problem with this is – in order for us to get in the position to play God, we have to remove Him from the throne of our lives and put self in that place.  The really big problem with this, is that it can happen and we almost not even realize it!

God is the only One that deserves to be on the throne!  When we take Him off of the throne, it is always with the purpose of replacing Him and the usual replacement is self!  When we put self on the throne, our worship has moved off of the Creator and onto the creation and we know that this is nothing but trouble!

I have noticed and I hate to admit it, but this is almost a daily battle for me!  Just when I think that I have this battle won, something comes along to prove to me that I am not even close!  While I hate to admit it, I am glad that I can admit it, because admitting it – is the first step to heading life in the right direction!

Admission is a good place to start, but it is only the beginning!  May God help me with this journey!  I guess the best way to start is to say:  “Hi, I’m Michael Joe and I’m not God!”