What’s Your 5%?

Pastor Wayne Coderio

Wayne Coderio, Pastor of New Hope Church in Hawaii ask a very interesting question in one of his messages called “Increasing Your Time!”  The question:  “What is the 5% that only you can do?”  There are a lot of things that we do on a daily basis that anyone can do.  There are some things we do, that a lot of other people with the skills and training could do.  But there are some things that only we can do and these are the things that we need to be giving the bulk of our energy and effort to!

Your spiritual growth is your responsibility!  No one else can grow spiritually for you!  What do you need to do to grow spiritually?

You have to figure out how to stay inspired with a right attitude!  What do you need to make a part of your “Inspiration Package?”

You are the only one that can love your family the way they need to be loved by you!  How do you need to love your family?

You are the one that God created to serve Him in the unique and special way that only you can!  What will you do to better serve God and serve others?

You are responsible for your 5%!  You are the one that has to figure out what you 5% is!  This 5% is what you are going to be accountable for when you stand before your Creator!  What is your 5%?