So You Made A Mistake?

Mistakes Can Be Education!

So you made a mistake?  Stop fretting over it!  Don’t let a mistake wreck you, instead learn from it and move forward!  Too many times in life, we let our mistakes get us off track.  And if we don’t let it get us off track, there is usually someone close by, who is  more than willing to throw it up in our face to try to help us get off track!

The truth is:  We all mistakes!  If you are a human being, then you have made and are going to make mistakes.  It does not matter how talented and gifted you are.  As human beings, we are created with free choice and choice means every now and then you are going to make a bad or wrong choice.

Don’t let mistakes get you off track, hold you back or get you down.  Just make sure that you invest a little time to learn from the mistake.  In fact, if you learn from the mistake, then you get to move it from the mistake category to the education category!

What did you learn today???