Plug In!

Don't Forget To Recharge!

My phone is great!  It let’s me talk with people, with it, I can take pictures, it will tell me what the weather is going to be, it allows me to buy things and will even let me throw birds at pigs!  Pretty cool device, but there is one problem!  Every now and then, I forget to plug it in and the battery gets low.  My phone is pretty much useless without the power of the battery, so I have to plug it in and let it recharge!

In each of our lives, we have a power source.  Allow your power source to become too low without recharging and you are going to be in serious trouble.  Our power source is our heart and we need to stop and take time regularly to make sure that it is getting recharged!

How do I recharge my heart?  By spending time with my Creator!  I plug-in and I use the gifts He has given me and discover inspiration that does amazing things.

I open my eyes and take the time to look around me and I appreciate all of the beauty.  I listen beyond what I can hear and hear something that most people miss.

I touch and am touched by other human beings with the realization that we really do all need each other!  I breath in and smell the power of the living and I breath out and lay claim to impossible possibility!

When I actually take the time, I can taste that life is good and my heart is recharged and I am ready!

Ready for what?  Whatever great adventure is next coming my way!  Live blessed!