Anger Addiction!

Are You Angry?

The often sad reality is todays world is that many of us have an addiction to anger and we don’t even realize it.  Some where inside of us anger has taken up residence and it is slowly eating away at who we were created to be.

We don’t want to admit this.  In fact, even as we read it, we are thinking that does not apply to me, but the truth is:  This world that we live in feeds and nourishes the anger and it is often present and working without our even hardly realizing it, until we start to take a closer look.

I know in my own life, I would say:  “I am not an angry person!”, but just a casual glance over the last couple of weeks would reveal where anger has raised its ugly head more than once in my life, impacting the lives of those I love.

Once, we realize that anger is an issue for us, then we look to justify it, by calling it righteous or making some excuse for it!  This is a problem because the Word tells us in Ephesians 4:26-27: that while anger is a reality, we should be careful not to let it cause us to sin by doing something that we should not be doing or not doing something that we should.  It also instructs us to deal with our anger by not allowing the sun to go down on it.  We must be careful not to give the devil a foothold!

The real problem is that we tend to nurture and embrace the very thing that is killing us and our joy.  God has given us what we need to defeat anger and its devastating impact upon our lives.  This powerful gift that God has given us is called forgiveness in the days ahead we will be taking a look at how to receive it and give it.

Take a few moments today to get honest with yourself about anger that may be hiding out in your life.  Talk with your Creator about how to deal with this.  And take some time to think about forgiveness, both receiving it and giving it.  You will be glad you did!


One thought on “Anger Addiction!”

  1. This blog has really hit home to me, I have recently realized that over the holidays, rushing around trying to get everything done I had become complacent with the Lord. In doing so it allowed feelings of anger and resentment from something that happened a year ago to arise. I also know that holding on to the pain while unhealthy, seemed to be the only thing that is real to me. The fast 15 years of what I thought was true and real turned out to be a lie and I have no idea what tomorrow holds, but this anger and this pain, that is my realization. What I had forgotten over the past few weeks is that God is real and the love he gives can surpass all the pain and anger that is inside and no matter how big the hurt is, God is bigger! Keep blogging, it really helps people.

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