Anger – The Real Silent Killer!

January 2012 Message Series!

We work so hard to have better lives, but the truth is: Many of us are living with a hidden enemy that keeps us from experiencing that better life. This enemy causes stress, tension in your muscles, loss of sleep, diminished or increased appetite and makes you look and feel older. It chases away possible friends, makes work a place of war, destroys relationships and takes years off of your life!

This hidden enemy is ANGER and it is a very serious problem for most of us – realize or not, believe it or not!  It is on display everyday as road rage, violence, shootings, abuse, addiction and it is a major reason why so many people are living on antidepressants, suffering from alcohol, drug and porn addiction. Many are overweight, in broken relationships and involved in all kinds of destructive behavior all because they have anger, that quiet possibly has camouflaged and hidden itself in their lives.

Anger is a strong emotional feeling of annoyance, displeasure or hostility with a wide range of intensity and expressions.  It usually begins as a spiritual, emotional, mental or physical response to a threat or a perceived threat!

Anger takes on many forms, shapes, sizes and faces and is great at camouflaging itself, so that it is hard for us to discover the destruction that it if often causing in our lives from the inside-out!

Anger cannot be ignored, it must be addressed and dealt with or it begins to take control of your life.  For some this control is below the surface and hardly recognizable, while for others it is very obvious that there are issues that need to be addressed!

Anger impacts all of us and especially many people who call themselves Christian.  The sad reality is that most of us do very little talking about it and even less praying.  Join us back here tomorrow on this blog and we will begin to take a look at some of what God’s Word has to say about anger and what we should do about it!

Until then, pray and ask the Spirit to open your heart, soul and mind to the truth about you may need to face in this area of your life!

You are also invited to join us this Sunday at 10 AM at 888 Ansel School Road and 11 AM at 407 Ridgewood Drive as we continue to take a look at ANGER, what the Bible has to say about it and what we can do to get victory over it!