One Truth That Will Totally Change Your Life!

A Little Change Will Do You Good!

What if I told you that the Spirit had revealed a simple truth that was so powerful that this one simple truth has the capacity to totally change your life?  Would you be interested?  Would you want to know this truth?  Many of us know it, but don’t really believe it, or if we believe it, then we don’t allow it to have the power that it could and should have in, upon and through our lives.

This truth that the Spirit has revealed to me has the power to totally change your life for the better in this new year –  if you will believe it, get it and give it the opportunity!  It will change everything, if you will simply give it the chance!

The Truth:  “It does not matter how good of a Christian you are or you think you are, there is always room for improvement and growth in your life and relationship with God and others!”

You get it or you don’t!  It really is just that simple and if you get it, you will be glad you did!