How The Enemy Works!

You Have To Go Through The Valley To Get To The Mountain Top!

The first part of this week was absolutely incredible.  It seemed that every step I took was Divinely orchestrated!  I seemed to be in the right place at the right time to be used by God to touch people’s lives and make just the righ difference.  It was not just a handful of occurences, it was one after another for more than I could count!  By the time I hit the bed on Wednesday night, I was thinking:  “I believe we have turned a corner and are heading in another amazing direction.”

Then came Thursday morning and what looked like it was going to be good, took one wrong turn after another for more than I could count.  By the afternoon, all I wanted to do was find an escape hatch, a Yoo-Hoo and a Slim Jim!

When I finally began to ride away from it all, I started to hear the voice of the Spirit!  The Spirit was telling me – “This is the enemy!”  “Pay attention to how he works and you will learn something!”  “Fight the devil’s fire with God’s fire!”

The thing that makes the mountain tops of life so grand is the vallies you have to travel through to get there.  You could not have the mountain top without the vallies!  Mountain tops are great times of encouragement, growth, excitement and celebration, but for every mountain there are several vallies.  Vallies are tough times of learning, challenge, struggle, building or re-building and preparation.

The enemy often appears in your life, right after the mountain top experience, when you find yourself heading off the mountian and into and through the valley!  We need to realize this is how he works and we need to be prepared, so that he does not mess us up and cause us to miss what we need to make sure we get from our valley experience!

There will be ups and downs in life, but you are never alone.  And in whatever situation you find yourself, you can rest assured that God is using that situation to grow you for His glory.  So do not let it get you down, let it pick you up, because all it means is that God is not finished with you on this earth just yet!