God Wants To Fill Us With His Joy!

Some people don’t want to be happy!  You can’t change people.  Do what you can to help them, but don’t let them keep you from having joy.  Some people have to be loved from a distance.  People that are always negative and bring out the worst in you still need to be loved, but you have to be careful in how much time you spend with them and how you spend time with them.  They don’t have power to steal your joy, unless you give it to them!  So be wise and make good choices.

What you feed is going to grow!  You decide everyday where you are going to live your life:  Are you going to live your life in joy or desperation?  Are you going to be happy, sad or mad?  Are you going to be influenced by others or are you going to influence others?  You make the choice and your choice influences in a negative or positive way!

God created you to live a life filled with joy.  The devil is going to attack this life and do everything he can to keep you from experiencing this life, but don’t fall into his traps and don’t give him even an inch.  God has you exactly where He wants you and will take you into joy, if you will trust Him.

John 15:11 says:  “I have told you these things, that My joy and delight may be in you, and that your joy and gladness may be of full measure and complete and overflowing.”  God has given you joy, don’t let anyone take it from you, but share it with everyone you can!  You will be glad you did!