What To Do When You Can’t Handle Life!

You Can't Handle It And That's A Good Thing!

Sometimes life just gets to be more than I can handle!  The truth is:  Life is always more than I can handle!  I actually have had moments where I begin to believe that I can and that I am handling life!  That’s kinda funny and just little bit sad!  Handling life is an illusion at best!

I can’t handle life and I don’t need to!  If I could handle it, then I don’t need anybody or anything to help me and that’s just not true and when I think about it, I don’t want that to be true!  Life would be pretty boring and meaningless without others.

The fact is:  I need others and I need for others to need me!  It’s the way I was created.  It’s hardwired into my dna.  This thing that I make an issue in my life, really does not need to be an issue, but it is an issue and that’s a good thing, because it makes me think about it.

When we get to that place of thinking we can’t handle life, then we have to think about it and when we really start to think about it, we have to admit that we can’t handle life and really we don’t need to handle it.  We simply need to live it!

One moment at a time!  There it is – the challenge!  When I can’t handle life, it’s not a bad thing, it’s an invitation to appreciate, enjoy, learn and grow in the moment.  Really that’s what life is:  A series of moments strung together through time.  When we try to live too many of those moments at one time, life becomes something we can’t handle, life becomes something we don’t need to handle!

When you get to the place where you realize that you can’t handle life, stop and take a moment to realize that you don’t have to handle anything, you just have to appreciate, enjoy, learn and grow in the moment!  In this moment you will discover that life is not something to be handled, but something to live and there is the amazing magic that takes you from one day to the next!  I hope you enjoyed this moment!  Blessings!