Up Or Down Attitude?

Check Your Attitude!

Your attitude matters more than you realize!  It matters for you and it matters for others!  Attitude has the ability to lift up or to push down!  Attitude is what separates winners from losers.  Attitude makes the difference between the successful and unsuccessful.  What good is it to win and experience success, if you can’t or won’t enjoy it?

You need a good attitude and you need to surround yourself with people who have good attitudes!  When you get good attitudes together, the impossible becomes possible, because faith in God makes all things possible!  We tend to pick up on the mind-sets, beliefs and approaches of those around us.  If they are up, then we tend to be up and if they are down, then we tend to be down!

Bad attitudes can wreck you faster than anything!  Most of the world tends to lean negative now a days and if you are not careful, then you can get caught up in that negativity and before you know it you have joined a choir that loves to sing the blues!  Attitude spreads, so make sure that you do everything you can to keep a good one! Attitude also catches, so make sure that you avoid stinking attitudes whenever, wherever and however you can!

As Christians, we should have great big positive attitudes of expectation.  We should seek to always be positive because we have a God who loves us and who has created us for the very specific purpose of bringing Him glory.  It is impossible to give God the glory He is due with a negative attitude!

Guard and protect your attitude.  Make sure that you take on and take out anything that might cause you to have a less than positive attitude.  Get around positive people.  Listen to positive music and messages.  Read positive materials.  Think positive thoughts.  In every conversation – try to share at least three positive things with every person you talk to.  Before you know it, you will become a positive person that others look to have relationship with and you will experience a different and better way of living!