You Have A Choice!

It's Up To You!

I just finished writing what I thought was one of the best blog post that I have ever written, and then while trying to use the new format on WordPress, lost the blog and cannot find it anywhere.  I am tempted to be frustrated, but it is too early in the morning and I have too many important things in front of me today to be taken off track, so here I am!

Here I am, writing about frustration, disappointment and challenge.  We all face it, almost everyday of our lives, but we do have choices:  We have the choice of action!  Am I going to do something about it or let it do something about me?  The easy thing would be to complain, but that would only waste time and energy and in the end, I still would not have my blog post back.  The not so easy thing is to move on, do what I need to do and look for the victory that is somewhere in front of me for today!

I make the choice to look for the victory and I hope that my sharing this little story, will help you to make the choice to look for the victory God has for you as well!  If I can pray for you, please let me know how?  And until next time – Be Blessed Because You Are Blessed!