Stop Making Excuses!

Just Make The Choice!

We live in a world of excuses!  It is never anyone’s fault and if it is someone’s fault, then it had to be someone besides me.  Because of this attitude, many people today are walking around with bitter attitudes that pollute life for all of us.  Everyone has negative things happen in their life.  If you want to walk through life with a bad attitude, then you probably will not have to look to far or hard to find a reason.  But that is the easy part, looking for something to excuse my poor choices, bad attitude and bitter temper.

It is possible that you have some very good reasons for having a bitter attitude.  Maybe you have had to face some terrible abuse, chronic illness or a big problem that never seems to go away.  It is possible that someone took advantage of you, used you and left you with nothing.  I am not suggesting that everything that happens in life is all roses.  I know that every rose has its thorn and some roses have more than others.  What I am suggesting is that you have a choice!  You make the choice as to where and how you will live your life!  You will live in victory or you will live in defeat.

I want to challenge you to let go of the past.  Learn what you need to learn from it and let it go.  Stop using the past as an excuse that causes you to miss out on the amazing future that your Creator has for you.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get out of the victim mind-set.  You make the choice – I am a victim or a victor?  Stop looking at other people’s lives and get stuck in the game of comparison shopping.  Don’t dwell on what could’ve, should’ve and would’ve been.  Quit asking why and start looking for how!

You may not be able to do anything about the things that have happened to you, but you can do something about what you allow them to do to you from this day forward.  Let go of and get rid of anything that hurts you or brings you pain.  Chase away the poison of bitterness and resentment.  Forgive and forget and you will begin to walk in the amazing power of freedom.

In John 5 Jesus saw a man lying on the ground and learned that this man had been in this lame condition for a long time.  Jesus asked the man, “Do you want to get well?”  The man responded with excuses as to why he was still in his condition.  Jesus told him, “Get up, take your mat and walk!”  and the man got up, took his mat and walked!  There are many times in life, when you need to stop making excuses and you need to start experiencing miracles!  Don’t miss the miracle that God has for you!  Get up out of your excuses and walk into the blessings of God!