Thanks Lord!

How Does This Honor God?

It seems like it is almost a daily occurrence for me to hear someone tearing down the Pastor.  It always seems that they either do to much of something or not enough of something else.  I know there are a lot of people out there who say they are serving the Lord to fulfill a calling and they haven’t given a whole lot of evidence of a real and legitimate call upon their life, but don’t you think that God is a big enough God that He can and will take care of the imposters when He wants to?

There are some out there that make me want to complain, but it is not our job to complain.  It is our job to glorify God and I have discovered that we can’t glorify God, while we are tearing down his creation, even if it is a flawed and sinful creation.

The real sad thing to me, is that there are people out in our world who have given their lives to serve God by serving others through His Church and many of these people cannot do what God has called and gifted them to do, without having to continually be distracted by parking lot politics, attacks out of left field and a continual questioning of their heart and motives.  I’m talking about real servants, with real servant hearts.  Men and women who really love God, care about people and give all they’ve got and then some to the church.

If you call yourself a Christian, I want to challenge you right now to say a prayer and ask God to help you to help, not hinder His work through the leadership that He has provided for you.  Pray for the leadership that He has given you and ask God to help that leadership face what they need to face, with a growing faith in God and His ability to take care of them through even the worst of attacks and storms.

I know there are servants of the Lord who are hurting and can’t seem to find the strength to want to even make it through another day.  This should never be the case and it would never be the case, if we were really working with each other for God’s glory the way that we should!

Some of you may wonder what has me so fired up?  It’s not attacks on me, while I get my fair share, the truth is:  I serve a wonderful congregation of some amazing people who I am blessed to call family and friends.  The majority of us love working together for the common cause of sharing the glorious Gospel of God’s Amazing Grace in so many different and diverse ways.  And we actually have fun working and serving together!

It was a couple of things actually that got to me.  The first thing was hearing people out in public tear their church and their pastor apart.  It broke my heart to think that other people where hearing this and it grieved my spirit to think about the damage that this has to be doing to the cause of Christ.  The second thing that got to me, was hearing about yet another Pastor, who walked out into the cemetery beside the church and took his own life, because he just couldn’t take another day of ministry!

I thank the Lord for loving me, for calling me into ministry and for blessing me all of these years with brothers and sisters who walk with me for His glory!  And while I am expressing thanks, I need to also say a great big thank you to my very understanding family and friends who stick with me, even when I am too busy and preoccupied with ministry!  I love you guys and gals and I love our Lord!  G3!