Got Pants?

Got Pants?

I walk into the local hospital to visit one of my sick church members and as I walk into the lobby filled with people, one of the ladies behind the welcome desk shouts:  “I still have your pants in my car, what do you want me to do with them?”  I honestly in that moment was speechless.  I looked down and I had my pants on.  Everyone else was looking at me and then looking back at her and waiting for someone to say something.  Everyone was wondering what is this lady doing with the preacher’s pants in her car?  Then the other lady behind the counter said:  “I don’t think that came out right!”

The lady with my pants turned about fourteen shades of red and we all had a big laugh!  She did have my pants, but of course there is more to the story.  A few weeks ago, her son was graduating and the school was requiring them to wear dark dress pants and the family had already gone out and purchased him brand new dress khakis.  She and I are friends on Facebook and she was venting her frustrations and I suggested that we might have some pants that would work at Grace Place.

I carried her several pair for him to try on, and she was simply returning what he was not going to use.  Just another reminder that ministry can be a lot of fun, if you will let it be.

By the way, just in case you here any rumors – they are true!  There is still a red-headed lady driving around Greer with my pants in her car!  If you see her, tell her Pastor MJ said hello!  G3!