Five Negatives Of The Negative!


There is something about the world that we live in that just seems to produce negativity.  It is all around us!  Turn on the television and it is there.  Read the newspaper and smacks you in the face.  Listen to most conversations long enough and it will make its appearance.

With all of the negativity, it is easy to become negative yourself, without even realizing it.  Here are five negatives that I have learned from negativity that I’ve often  allowed into my life:

1.)  Negative Complaining Digs The Hole Deeper! When you find yourself in a hole, the temptation is to complain about the hole you are in.  This negativity does not help you to get out of the hole, but instead digs the hole deeper, making it harder for you to work your way out of it on your on!

2.)  Finding Someone To Blame Is Not A Solution! When things are not working the way we want them to or think they should, we often look for someone to blame it on.  Even if someone else is to blame, playing the blame games does not help, it only hinders by wasting time and much-needed energy!

3.)  A Bad Attitude Messes Up More Than You Know! One of the most important commodities that you posses it your attitude.  If it gets messed up, then everything else is going to get messed up.  Attitude is the first of many dominos – it can be beautiful or a big mess!

4.)  Negativity Is Blinding To Positiveness! When we are negative, it is very hard for us to see any positive around us and often the result is just more negativity.  Even when life is working against you, look for the positive and find the strength, wisdom and direction you need to drive out of the bad and to a better place!

5.)  Critical Attracts Critical! When we have a critical, negative and complaining spirit, we need to understand that this spirit attracts like spirits.  Negative attracts negative and complaining attracts complaining!  Before long, it’s not just your problem, but you with a bunch of other problems and no good attitude to help fix any of it!

The best way to deal with negative is with positive!  It’s your choice, so make it wisely!