Mondays – UGH!

The Monday Monster!

Anyone that has been a pastor for any amount of time can tell you that some Mondays are really tough, because often there is a big let down from Sunday to Monday.  On Sunday we often find ourselves on a spiritual high with the preaching, teaching, leading and encouraging of our congregation, but by Monday, we are physically, spiritually and mentally exhausted and the enemy knows this and so he begins his relentless attacks to tear us down and take us out.

Some Mondays are worse than others!  This is one of those Mondays!  I have spent a good part of the morning, just pouring my heart out to God and begging for His guidance, help and peace.  I have a headache, an impossible schedule, more needs than I have time to try to meet, work that has to be done, obligations that have to be kept and an ever-growing mountain of things to do that are become things that have to be done!

It gets overwhelming fast and it is really easy to feel like you are drowning.  This seems like a very bad place to be, but it really is a great place to be, because from this place, there is no where else to go, except straight into the arms of our loving Creator!

In His arms, I am reminded that He has this!  In His arms, I am reminded that He is with me and will not leave me.  In His arms, I am reminded that He will use all of this to grow me for His glory.  In His arms, I find the peace that I am longing for and in His arms, I find the victory that only He can give me!

God is faithful and even though I sometimes have to battle the demon called depression, ultimately I will come out on top and be better because of the struggle!  I hate the struggle, but the struggle helps me to be more dependent and trusting of my Savior.  The struggle grows and develops my faith and with my faith strengthened, I am ready to take on whatever else might be coming my way!


One thought on “Mondays – UGH!”

  1. Sounds like you’ve got this! God is always there with you and you have lots of prayers going up for you. Don’t let satan ruin your day. I can relate to the depression part. It’s tough but I know you and I know you and God can overcome it. I have a card that reads, “God Is Greater Than Any Prolbem I Have”. I keep this in a visible place on my desk all the time. I love you, MJ, and I’m praying you.

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