Blessed By My Church!

One of the many friends that the Lord has blessed me with!

While I was meeting and ministering to people in our community yesterday, I could not help, but to stop for a minute and think about how blessed I am to be a part of a church that allows me the amazing opportunities that Northwood does!  I not only get to be their pastor, but because I am their pastor and they love and support me, I get to minister to this community in real, meaningful and powerful ways!

I get to volunteer every morning at a local elementary school.  For 30 -45 minutes I get to work with a great group of kids, meet teachers and encourage parents by participating in safety patrol.  I think it is an amazing ministry opportunity and I really do look forward to it every day!

On Mondays and Wednesdays, I join men, women, boys and girls in doing ministry at Grace Place.  By being blessed with a second campus, we have had the opportunity to turn the walls of the church “inside-out” and really minister to touch people’s lives and make a difference!  We are not just doing ministry, we are doing ministry on purpose and with a purpose.  We are not just meeting needs, but building relationships.  It is not easy, nor is it glamorous, but it is very fulfilling and the new friendships that are being established must cause God to smile.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I get to work in the office with a pretty cool staff.  I am excited about the potential of helping them to succeed in their callings and appreciate the help that they give to me as the pastor and primary vision caster of the church.  I also get to spend time with volunteers and get to make visits to hospitals and people’s homes, where I get to spend time with people who I really care about.

On Fridays, I like to try to take the day off, if possible, but it is rarely possible.  I get to use this as a catch-up day for the things that I was not able to get around to during the week.  I usually squeeze in a visit or two and enjoy just letting God take me wherever it is that He wants me to go.

On Saturdays, there is almost always something going on or some event to participate in.  I love being with my family and we try to have some quality time together on this day.  Now that the weather is warming up, we are looking forward to some enjoyment of the outdoors!

On Sunday, I get to worship with the people who are my spiritual family!  It’s great and I really do love it.  I also get to study and apply God’s word with my small group, life class and I enjoy some of the sweetest fellowship with special friends that really do make my life better!

In the midst of all of this, I get to spend time with God and He talks with me, teaches me, guides me and grows me.  He helps me to put together messages that I get to share with the congregation that He has given me and I really have a hard time trying to come up with words that could even come close to describing how that makes me feel!

All of this is made possible in my life, because I get to be the pastor of a great group of people who are known in the community of Greer as Northwood.  I just wanted to say to you all – thank you for loving me, supporting me and allowing me the opportunity to do all that I do and experience the fulfillment and blessing that comes with it!

God Bless, Press On And Keep It Real!