Sunday Rewind!

What a blessing to sit down and think back over the events of the day and see how from beginning to end, the hand of God was moving in and on our lives!  Northwood is continuing to take amazing steps at becoming the great church that God has called, gifted and equipped it to be!

Great worship at both campuses today!  Thank you to our worship team and choir, who continue to do an incredible job of listening to God and yielding to the Holy Spirit!  It blesses me to see my spiritual family getting into the presence and power of God!  Many of us are really beginning to get worship and that it is about God  and His glory, not our personal preference!

I have to say it again, because I really love my Bible Fellowship class – I love my Bible Fellowship class, we really have a great bunch of guys and gals and we learn so much from just sharing with one another about what God is showing and teaching us from His Word.

Life Classes tonight were terrific!  Thankful for my wife, who is helping me to team facilitate “Six Secrets To A Lasting Marriage!”  Loved the sharing from everyone in the class, was great to hear how you met and have grown in your love.

Top it all off with very meaningful and relaxed fellowship and it has been a really great day!  I wonder what made it special for you today – feel free to share!