Missing Something Or Missing From Something?

Don't Miss It!

Do you ever feel like something is missing from your life?  You can’t put your finger on it, but you just have this feeling that there has to be something else and if you can figure it out, then your life would be better!

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe instead of something missing from your life, that maybe you are missing from something? Your problem may not be that you are missing something, it may be that you are missing from something.

The issue is not something else that we need to bring into our lives, but something that we need to bring our life into! We spend most of the energy in our lives trying to bring things into our lives that we think will make them better or more complete. This is why most of us never seem to have enough time, because we have filled our lives with busyness and activity – trying to fill what we think is an empty void.  We cram our schedules with activity hoping to find what we are missing, but always seeming to come up just a little short of what we are in search of, and ending up with more frustration than fulfillment.

Instead of bringing all of this stuff into our lives, maybe we would be better served if we brought our lives into something.  Think about it – instead of working to bring it into you, start working to bring you into it! It’s a different way of thinking, living, acting and reacting to life around us!

This is what I am confident of:  God made you and He made you for something!  You are not random.  You are not an accident.  You have purpose and the ability to fulfill that purpose and in its fulfillment, the opportunity to become!  Become what?  Whatever it is that God has created you to become, something magnificent, beautiful and special.  Someone who adds value and makes a difference.

Try today to bring yourself to the something, instead of trying to bring all the different somethings into yourself.  There are some things in life that are too big and awesome to be brought to you, but you can bring yourself to those things and when you do, you are guaranteed to walk away with blessing of fulfillment!