Debate Or Surrender?

God’s light is our vision, His will is our path!  We do not have to discover it, nor do we need to make it up.  It is already in existence, waiting for our yielding.  To miss this vision, His will, by choosing our own way is in reality to be in bondage and not even know it.

To mentally disobey the Lord, is to physically enslave ourselves.  We take ourselves away from the plans of God.  It is not our vision that matters, it is God’s vision and our ability to surrender to it!

We cannot look at others and what they have and do and think of what we don’t have and what we can’t do, instead we must focus on God and the Heavenly vision that He offers each of us to be involved with.

God has not called us to debate, He has called us to surrender, submission and sacrifice.  As citizens of Heaven, we have no property and no personal rights.  My life is not in my possessions, but in the presence of my Savior!

It is great to be saved and our Salvation experience should be near and dear to us.  But we cannot stay in that moment and grow in the way God plans for us to!  We must seek to measure up to the calling and plan of God as it unfolds in our lives today.

The truth is:  The truth can only set us free when we acknowledge it.  We acknowledge the truth by yielding our life to what it says.  Everyday we make a choice to become more devoted to or to desert the “High Calling!”

May God find us faithful and devoted with our words, deeds and life today!