Yesterday And Today!

Yesterday, I helped a bunch of kids help others, it was fun!  I talked with a co-worker and discovered how a childhood accident still hurts their back to this day, I prayed for her!  I sorted through what looked like trash to find the good stuff that could bless someone, and it was worth it!  I spent some time with a senior adult lady, she just needed someone to talk to, I enjoyed it!  I held the hands of a couple facing hard times and bad news, and we got through it one more day!  I laughed with an 11-year-old and her Mom, and we chased away the fear!  I looked into the eyes of some really hurting people, tried to let them know that I really care, and it made a difference for all of us!

It was a good day yesterday, but that day is gone and now I have today.  I wonder what adventure, challenge and blessing awaits?  Let’s go see!