Daily List Of Things To Do!

Here are some simple things that help me to make it through the day!

1.) Daily Devotion Time – it does not have to be long or sophisticated!  Just taking a little time at the beginning of the day to spend a little time in talking and listening prayer with my Creator, helps to set me on the right path.  I will step off of this path many times during the day, but will get back on, because of my morning devotion time and the focus that it helps to establish!  I try to read the Bible or some devotional to help me listen for He has to say to me and then I like to journal (write down) my prayer – what I said back to Him!

2.) Continuing Prayer – I know that I have a Creator and I believe that He is active in my life.  I start talking with Him in the morning and I continue all throughout the day.  Sometimes I talk out loud and sometimes with just the thoughts in my head, but they are always directed higher!

3.)  Positive, Encouraging And Fun Thoughts – There is plenty of negative floating around in our world.  I try to take away from the negative by adding positive and uplifting thoughts into my life and the life of others.  If it does nothing more than change my thinking for just the moment of my reading, then it has the power to change my life.  I look for and collect these thoughts and share them to try to help others make their days better too!

4.)  Friends – The thing that makes life fun for me is the people who God allows me to interact with on a daily basis.  I try to meet at least one new person a day.  Even if it’s just a stranger that looks like they are having a bad day.  I take the time to speak and look for an open door to make a difference, which usually ends up making a greater difference in me!  I really do like people – people from all walks of life!

5.)  Service – I don’t see what I do as a job – if I did, then I would probably quit every other day.  I love getting to serve others and if I can help to make someone’s life better, then I really feel like I am making progress.  My work can often be frustrating, but the rewards of when it is right far outweigh the demands.  I need something to do with my life and I am glad that I have the something that I have!

These are just a few of the things that help me to keep from going totally crazy.  I hope that they will help and be a blessing to you.