Great Day At Grace Place!

What an incredible and amazing day!  Thank you so much to all of the volunteers that help to make Grace Place the very special place of ministry that it is to so many.  We were able to serve another 30 families today.  And each one was a blessing beyond words!

When I first walked back in from running an errand.  I found all of the volunteers in a circle with one of our shoppers, they had just finished praying for and with her!  Everyone had tears in their eyes and it was plain to see that they were filled with the Spirit!  I knew this was going to be a very different day filled with exciting, fun and meaningful ministry!

One person after another came in and encountered our wonderful volunteers and the beautiful gift of God’s grace began to be unfolded and spread out for all to enjoy!  At the end of day  we saw many people and had the opportunity to bless and be blessed!

I hope some of our volunteers will share some of their stories of how they were able to bless and be blessed in the days ahead!  It is a ministry to people by people and all for the glory of God!