Love Is Amazing!

To Love And Be Loved!!!

Love is an amazing and wonderful gift!  Our Creator has blessed us with the ability to love and be loved. (Stop for a minute and think about that last statement – AMAZING!)  We all have a little taste of this, some more than others!  Most of us know what it is to love and be loved and when we stop and think about it, really think about it – Love is a good thing!  We get a little bit of this, but we do not accept and utilize this great gift as we could and should.

Call it what you want – love, compassion, tenderness, sharing and caring.  Whatever you call it, it is one of the most vital qualities that we have been blessed with.  Life would be empty and meaningless without it!  While we know what it is, have experienced a bit of it and know that it is a good and special thing, we have gotten lazy and apathetic about its cultivation and care.

We know how important and special love is, but we spend little time, energy and thought in trying to develop and grow it.  We almost have the attitude of:  “I’ll love if I have time, or if I want to and if someone wants to love me back then that will be fine!”  Love does come and go freely, but it is also something that we need to nurture and take care of!

I guess I am writing this post today, because I know that love is something that I need to think more about and work harder for!  I need to get better at giving and receiving this amazing gift!  I am very thankful for the love that I share and have shared, but I am not satisfied.  I know that I can love more and I can love better!

I have had the opportunity this week to love and be loved and I like it!  As I look back on my life I have noticed that in my busyness, I have missed so many opportunities to love and be loved; and I am going to try to stop missing the opportunities and grab them in the days ahead!  Watch out – this lover is on the loose!