On Time!

On Time!

Our Choir sings a song that reminds us that our God is an on time God!  I woke up thinking about this song!  “He’s an on time God – yes He is!”  (That was me singing in my head!  “He’s an on time God – yes He is!”  “He may not come when you want him, but he’ll be there right on time!”  “He’s an on time God – Yes He Is!”

God has given me the gift of faith and I am to live in faith even when I don’t feel like it!  I am to live in faith especially when I don’t feel like it, because that is when faith is at its most powerful place!  My faith is not exercised in myself, my need or want, but in my God – Who has always proven Himself faithful!

Reid Lehman, President of Miracle Hill Ministry said:  “Faith is doing what God told you to do and not having a ‘Plan B’ to fall back on in case it doesn’t work!”  Faith is moving forward with God leaving the plan a, b or c to Him!  (If there is another plan, then God will make it!)  It is not faith to say that if “A” does not work out, then I will do “B”.  Faith is my taking the next step believing that God’s will shall be accomplished in whatever step He wants it to be and for His glory!

I do not always know God’s will!  I known people and I have been one of them that arrogantly throw that phrase around as if we have some secret access that no one else can have!  There are some things that I know about His will, but truth be told, I am not sure that God ever provides us with the whole picture, because I am not sure that we could handle it.  In the Scriptures He always provided – just what was needed!

I know that it is God’s will to bless me as I live in obedience to Him, but I do not know for certainty the next step that I need to take.  I have an idea of its direction and I believe that it is God that is leading me, but I do not take the step because I have had revealed to me the secrets of God.  I take the next step in faith, trusting that my loving God, Who has an amazing plan for my life will take care of me, guide me and grow me to where I need to be!

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  Hebrews 11:1


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