Sunday Rewind!

Sunday Rewind!

Today was a good day, but a tough day! I woke up with a sinus/migraine headache that stuck with me most of the day.  Hard to have your mind focused and spirit yielded when you are having to deal with constant pain, but God is faithful and got me through small group, and three messages without any major mess ups – I think!  I actually thought about staying home this evening, but drug myself out and finally broke through the haze after the evening service with a quesadilla from Moe’s!

Northwood Is Very Special! I love Northwood and all of the people who help to make it such a special place!  God is really at work and I wish everyone could see it and get excited about join Him in what He is up to.  I really don’t want anyone to miss it!

This morning was great! The worship was energetic, sweet and special – even with a challenge or two.  God has taught us some amazing things about giving and receiving this month.  And He wrapped it up today by giving us an understanding of reciprocity.  We reap what we sow and whatever we sow (good or bad) we are sure to reap in abundance.

Some Of Us Really Get It! I am glad to see that a lot of people have really grabbed a hold of the truth about tithing your time, talent and treasure and are stepping up to be faithful in their attendance, service and giving.  It hurts my heart to see some that I thought had it, not really get it, by allowing any little thing to become an excuse to lay out, not get involved and become satisfied with what they do give.

Faithfulness Or Faithlessness Tells You Something! Someone said that you can tell who loves the preacher by who is there on Sunday morning.  You can tell who loves the church by who is there on Sunday night and you can tell who loves Jesus by who is there on Wednesday night.  Who do you love and how do the actions and reactions of your life prove your answer?

We had a good night! It was nice to see some folks visiting from other congregations that had called off services.  I always enjoy getting to meet new folks – always amazes me how God can bring so much diversity together for His glory!  God spoke a challenging message about what it takes to be a real disciple that has been impacted by Him and that makes an impact on this world for Him!  There is nothing that we can give to God that He can’t give back to us better than how He received it!

Thank You God! I thank God for my spiritual family and for the growth, fellowship and learning journey that He allows us to travel together.  I love you all and look forward to how God will use us this week!  G3!