Who Am I?

Just because I don’t flaunt my spirituality, please don’t let that make you think that I am not spiritual! I am a very spiritual person.  I believe that God created us as spiritual beings and that we can have a real, vital and growing spiritual relationship with our Creator.

I do not go around wearing my spirituality as a religious costume.  I am not bound by rules and regulations.  I am for the most part just like everyone else around me.  Happy to be alive, scared of the uncertainty of life and almost always looking to enjoy the day that I have been given.

I don’t typically dress up in suits, but when I do – look out!  I like blue jeans, t-shirts and a good pair of boots.  I am bored very easily and because of this, tend to be continually changing my style.  I live life and do my best to enjoy almost every moment of it!

I want others to know about my spirituality, but not because “I am all of that and a bag of chips”.  I want others to know, because the relationship has changed my life and made it better.  Because the relationship gives me a future worth believing in!  I am spiritual because that is who God made me to be.  I grow in my spirituality because this is what I choose to do with my life.  I don’t flaunt it, because it’s not me, but God’s gift and blessing!

Not sure why I felt the need to share all of that, but the Spirit stirred it up and pushed it out, so there ya go!