Slippery When Wet!

Be Careful!


18 If I should say, “My foot has slipped,” Your loving kindness, O LORD, will hold me up.  19 When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul.  Psalms 94:18-19

A lot of mornings I get up feeling great and ready to go, but then something happens to mess up my great feeling and instead of being ready to go, I am ready to quit!  This is one of those “foot slipping” moments that the above Scripture is talking about.  It’s not possible to not have these foot slipping moments, they are a reality of life, but just as sure as we are to have  foot slipping moments, we are also sure to have God’s love, mercy and redeeming power at work in and through our lives.

So the next time your foot slips, remember that God’s got you and He will not let you fall!  Take a moment to gain your composure and go back after life – knowing that you and God equal a majority!