Chasing God!

Stop chasing after blessing and start chasing after God!

It seems that whenever I start to chase after a blessing – that the thing always eludes me, no matter how close I seem to get to it!  But, when I chase after God, He allows me to catch Him and the blessing seems to just naturally flow into and through my life!

God knows what you want and God knows what you need and God loves you and He wants to take care of you and He will take care of you, better than you can take care of yourself, if you will let Him!  God wants to bless you in ways that you have not even thought of, but if you are busy trying to bless yourself, then you are never going to be standing in the place where His blessing flow.

So, instead of chasing blessing, try chasing God this week and don’t be surprised when He turns around with open arms and let’s you catch Him!

My soul followeth hard after thee: thy right hand upholdeth me.  Psalms 63:8