Let The River Flow!

“Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”  John 7:38

What is flowing out of your life?  We need to stop and ask ourselves this question every now and then.  We need to answer honestly and then do something about it.  If we ask and answer honestly, we will have to admit that we sometimes have “STUFF” flowing out of our life that is everything but “RIVERS OF LIVING WATER!”

Here’s The Key: If rivers of living water are not flowing into, then they can’t flow through your life and if they are not flowing through you life, then the rivers of living waters cannot flow out of your life.

The place to start is by making sure that you have the good and positive stuff of God’s Word flowing “INTO” your life.  We do this by reading our Bibles and encouraging blogs like this one, as well as listening to messages live and recorded.  You will notice that this is an “INSIDE’ thing:  The Scripture says those that believe in Jesus will have flowing from “WITHIN”!

“Flowing Into” is the first part.  The second part is “flowing through” and if we are not careful this is where we can really mess it up.  We tend to filter with our own ideas, prejudices, understanding and personal preference.  We can re-route the river of living waters so that it has to run through a bunch of junk before it trickles out of us.  Be on guard to not obstruct the flow of the “river of life” with your own personal junk or the personal junk of others.

Let the river flow into, through and out of your life and live a life that gives God glory and blessing to everyone around you!


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