Why Do I Blog?

Simply Sharing Some Of Myself!

Almost everyday I sit down and record some thoughts, ideas or concepts by writing a new blog post.  I am motivated to do this for several different reasons and here are a few:

It helps me think through and organize my thoughts! Every morning I begin my day by spending some personal time with God.  Coming out of that time with Him tends to fill my mind with all kinds of thoughts and ideas.  When I take the time to try to share some of these with others through the blog, I am forced to sit and think through them and how they can be best communicated by me through written words on a page.  The process of having to think about how to communicate the thoughts or ideas to others helps me to get it together better in my head and heart!

It allows me to share with others! Writing the blog allows me to have an ongoing  conversation with family and friends.  It lets everyone else in on some of what is going on in my heart, head and life.  Hopefully the sharing blesses others in some small way, because it is a great blessing to me when it does!

It allows me to meet and minister to new people!  Many of the people who read this blog have been gracious enough to share it with others via Twitter and Facebook.  There are many people who read, that I do not know and that I have never met.  A lot of times I will get a “comment” on the blog or via email or “friend request” on Facebook or a “follow” on Twitter from someone new that I am about to get a chance to get to know.  I have many new friends that have come into my life through the blog and I really do love it!

The bottom line:  Hebrews 13:16  “And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” God has been and is good to share with me and I am thankful that I can share with others through this thing called a blog.  I hope you are blessed by what I share and really do appreciate when you care to share it with others!


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