Don’t Stop Believing!

Give Me A Break! Do you sometimes feel like one of those people in life that never seem to catch a break?  It does not matter how hard you seem to work, it’s never hard enough.  It does not matter if you do everything right, things still don’t come together as you’ve planned.  You want your life to be special and make a difference, but seems like the harder you try, the more illusive the dream becomes.  There was a time and place when you used to have dreams, but the hard knocks of life have stolen them from you and now you just have life, if you can even call it life.

Don’t Stop Believing! You may be tempted to think that a blessed life is for other people.  You might begin to believe that dreams are for other people.  Somewhere along the way, you started to wonder why is it that some people seem to always have things going their way?  The dreams that used to be yours are now just faded memories lost somewhere in the yesterdays of life.  You are a decent person, you try to do right and you want to make a difference, but you stopped believing and gave up your dreams a while ago.

STOP! For just one moment stop and remind yourself of the only reality that really matters.  You are the creation of God!  God does not make mistakes and you are not an accident!  You were created out of love!  That’s right!  God loves you and this is the reason that He made you.  Because God loves you, He created you and He created you because He has a wonderful and amazing plan for your life!  You can dream and should dream, because God has a dream for your life!

You’ve Got What You Need! Not only does God have a dream for your life, but God has placed or will place at your disposal – everything that you need to accomplish and make the dream a reality!  Remind yourself today that you are a very special creation of God.  Ask God to help you believe and understand.  Take some time to think about and write down somewhere what you feel like God created you for.  Don’t just think about it – write it down!  Come back tomorrow and we will talk about making plans to use the resources that God has given us to start making our dreams a reality!


One thought on “Don’t Stop Believing!”

  1. Loved it! I used to be there and still have moments where I revisit those moments. Walking in faith has been the hardest thing I have ever done. I am an admitted control freak. Turning my life, my WILL over to God was so against the core of who I am.

    I still struggle, trying to “help” God when He is to slow or does not go in the direction that I know is right. But God knew what He was getting into with me and loves me anyway.

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