Sunday Night Rewind!

Today was another amazing Sunday! I don’t know why we had never thought of combining tailgating and worship before! Today, we not only thought about it, but we also accomplished it and had a blast doing it! Here are just a few thoughts that I am taking to bed with me tonight!

*We have a great core group of people who bless me with their willingness to give of themselves to make the dream a reality!

*God is teaching all the time and there is still much for me (all of us) to learn!

*Friendship with God is possible and should become a major focus and ambition of our lives!

*When our friendship connection with one another is right, our community brings glory to God!

*I really do love my congregation and desire to grow our friendships!

*Believe we’ve got a lot of work to do and will have to battle through some major spiritual warfare to make progress to the amazing place that God created us for!

*Know that it’s worth it and look forward to doing the things that bring a smile to God’s face!

I love you all! I am glad that I get to be your pastor, and I am even more thankful that God allows us to grow our friendships! Good Night & G3!