Are You A Dreamer?

To Dream Or Not To Dream??? There are people who dream and they are people who do not!  I have discovered that the people who do not dream, have not always been non-dreamers, it’s just that at some point in their life, they stopped believing in the power of the dream to really matter and make a difference!  This is sad because it means that somewhere along the living of life they did not see away to make their dreams come true and since they could not make their dreams come true, they stopped believing and when we stop believing in our dreams, we stop dreaming!

Keep Dreaming! If you are a dreamer, I want to encourage you to keep on dreaming.  Dreams are a gift from God and show us what can be as we learn to walk in the power of love and trust!  There will be days when your dream seems so far away and then there will be days when it is clearly within your grasp.  With God’s help and faithfulness there will come a day when your dreams will become reality.  Until then, stay faithful by working hard, serving consistently and loving freely!

Some Encouragement! If you are a non-dreamer, I want to encourage you to get your dreams back.  Don’t allow the forces of evil to rob you of the amazing gift that was given to you by your Creator!  God loves you and has an amazing plan for your life!  It is not an accident that you have come to this blog and as you come back here day after day, we are going to journey together to that amazing place that only the love of  our God who gives us our dreams can take us.

A Simple Dream List! Take some time today to start a dream list.  Open your notebook, planner or get a piece of paper and start making a list of your dreams.  Just start!  It is amazing how just the process of thinking about your dreams can reactivate their power in your life! Your assignment today – think about and write down your dreams – whatever they may be!  God will shape and add to these in the days ahead!