That’s My Excuse!


Excuses!  We make them so easy and if we are not careful we will find ourselves making them every day all throughout the day!  They come in all shapes and sizes and from every direction you can imagine!  Excuses do not have to be a bad thing!  The problem with an excuse is not the excuse, but getting stuck in it!

If you want to turn an excuse into a good thing, then learn to use the excuse as motivation for moving forward!  The circumstances of life are what they are and you have what you’ve got, but you are not stuck with it!  Even with a “truck load” of bad circumstances, you still have the opportunity to make the choice of how you are going to respond!

Think about this:  The things that hold some people back or the very same things that push other people forward!  The difference is not the circumstances, but the people and their responses!

You don’t have to stop making excuses, but you do need to stop getting stuck in them!  Listen to your excuses and decide what you can do about them and do it!