Three Reasons To Go To Church Tomorrow!

A lot of people will go to church tomorrow and a lot of people will not go to church tomorrow!  If you are a person that is planning on going, great for you, hopefully you have already discovered some really good reasons for going and are experiencing life growth!  If you are a person that has not planned on going, let me suggest three reasons why you should put church on your agenda!

1.)  Church Is People, Not A Building! Church even when it is done wrong is still a gathering of people and people need people!  Just getting out and about with other human beings has the amazing potential to open your heart or challenge your soul.  If you go into it looking for benefit, then you are going to find benefit and possibly even blessing!

2.)  Church Is Challenge And Change! The church that you go to is not going to be perfect.  In fact, I am sure that there are some really messed up churches out there, but when you go with open heart, mind and soul – you are sure to get something.  If it is a messed up church, then you will see what you do not want to be and become and become that much more on guard against it.  If it is a blessed up church, then you will be challenged to grow in areas that you maybe have not thought about.  Either way, it’s a win for you when you find challenge from either direction, as long as you allow that challenge to change you for good and not bad!

3.)  Church Is Tomorrow! You have to do something tomorrow!  You could sleep in, but what would be the real benefit of that?  You could go and do something else, but nothing else will offer you the personal challenge and opportunity for change that will grow you in the same way that church will.  Plan now to go tomorrow and plan now to get something out of it!

If you’ve been going to church – good for you!  I hope you go tomorrow and discover things that help you to grow in the ways that you were created to grow.  If you have not been going to church, then do yourself and others a favor and go tomorrow.  Keep your eyes, heart, mind and soul open and you might just be very surprised at what a difference a day at church can make!