I Did Not Run For Office!

When I was in school, most everyone that knew me, probably thought that I would one day be involved in politics. I was very involved in politics and was elected president of a lot. Even in college, while I was preparing for ministry, I was very involved in politics and would eventually serve as Student Body President during my senior year. Funny thing happened during that Senior year: My love and excitement for politics began to dwindle and my desire to help people figure out their spiritual life began to grow.

It was very slow at first, but then it began to pick up speed as I began to make some personal discoveries about myself and the struggles that I would continually find myself dealing with. While I was in Seminary, my distaste for politics continued to gain ground and my love for the spiritual side of life and learning to live in the power of it began to grow. I was very quickly learning that the two – politics and spiritual do not mix!

I have been in ministry for a good number of years now and I have observed again and again how politics get in the way of the mighty move of God! I am a Pastor! God called me! I did not run to get my position and I will not run to keep it! I would rather lead 30 who are spiritually submissive, obedient ready and ministry minded, than 3000 personally political, obedient when it’s convenient and in it for themselves.

As I look back on my life, I have not done everything right, in fact, I have made more than my fair share of mistakes, but I have always done so with a heart that it totally sold out to Jesus. I love Him today, more than I ever have and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and lead His Church! I take my responsibility very seriously, so please help me out by not forcing me back into politics – it’s a waste of the talents that God has given me!