Sunday Rewind!


I don’t typically write a blog on Sunday evenings, but felt compelled to write one tonight for some reason. I thought that it might be beneficial just to share a few thoughts about what I have seen and experienced of God today.

-Got up and spent time with God like I do everyday! Had a good personal time with Him and I am excited about where I am in my personal relationship with Him. I really feel like I am growing and in some ways that I have needed to grow for a long time.

-Looked over my notes for my class and AM Message. Very excited about what I believe God wants to reveal in our Iives today. I hope that we don’t miss it!

-Went to the main campus and spent some more time in prayer. Have really felt very intense spiritual warfare going on for the past week. I believe that this is just another indication that the enemy knows that God is getting ready to do a great work at Northwood. Prayer and the Word are my most powerful weapons and I find that I am leaning on them both more heavily than ever before!

-Class went great! I am really excited about the people who God has brought together and that He will bring together in this fellowship. We all just seem to want to get it and get it and that makes an amazing difference. I am really excited about the realness that is shared between us all. No one pretends to be perfect and everyone seems really fine with that!

-Worship was great at both campuses! We are very blessed with a very surrendered worship team of men and women who have their hearts in the right place. They amaze me at how hard they are willing to work to make it a real experience with the Master. Can’t wait to see where God is going to take us in this area of our body life!

-Message seemed to go really well at both campuses. Seemed to flow a little smoother at the Ansel School Campus, than at the Ridgewood Campus, but feel that we left both places with the understanding that we needed to make some gains spiritually this week. Was very excited about all of the new young faces that I saw sitting out in the congregation at the ASC and excited about the spirit at the RC!

-Spent the afternoon trying to recoup some of my strength. Really spent myself spiritually this morning and I am very tired physically. Have another message to share this evening, so I have gone get myself built back up, so that I can bring God and my congregation my “A” game! Looking forward to the salad fellowship – this is always s special time in the life of our church.

-PM service went great! Very strong Word! Not so much because of what I had to say – the Word was just very powerful. God is speaking, I just hope that we are listening and avoiding the distractions of the enemy.

-Fellowship was sweet! Enjoyed mixing with all ages – from young to old!

-I am now home and have just shared a rewind. I hope you enjoy it and that it might help you to know how to pray for me in the upcoming week. I love you and I am thankful that you bless me with the opportunity to provide you with some spiritual leadership in your spiritual journey.