This month at Northwood we have been taking a look at Spiritual Warfare! Last week we looked at Angels and their ministry to us and around us. This week we took a look at the schemes of Satan and his Demons. When I finished sharing the message at the second service, one of our young people came up to me and asked: “So what do you think Angels and Demons are doing if they are in the same place at the same time?” We both agreed that they are not just sitting there looking at each other, but are most likely engaged in warfare. The thing that amazed him, was the realization that all of this can be going on all around us in the spiritual realm and we can be totally oblivious to it all here as we live our lives in the physical.

As Believers we need to remember that Spiritual Warfare is a very real thing! Just because you can’t see it with your physical eyes does not mean that it does not exist. It does exist and it is going on in your life, and even while you can’t always see it, you can feel it, if you are paying attention. The good news is that while the enemy is very active, so also is God and the forces of Heaven and we have the promise of the Word that the enemy has already been defeated.

Wake up to the reality that spiritual warfare is going on and you are often smack dab in the middle of it! Don’t be oblivious to the fact that God loves you, has an amazing plan for your life and intends for you to win over the enemy. When you and I win – God get’s glory! Look to Him, live for Him and love the life that he has blessed you with!